Redeaux the Reboot


So here I am, yet again, and I suppose it’s been enough time between posts that I can officially call this a third start, or, appropriately for the day DC announced comic news thing, a reboot.

I was doing so well with slowly trading flab for what resembled toned muscle and then I got a new job that consists mostly of me sitting in an office chair, typing legal documents and talking to clients all day.  While on one hand, yay much better job, it sucks that I’m no longer on my feet all day, walking around and using muscles I forgot existed.  Simply put, no work out built into the job.  Which means I’m going to have to actually put in the effort to make a change in myself.

I gave the gym a fair shot and it just wasn’t my thing.  Once I finally got over my fear of walking through the doors, it wasn’t so bad.  However, the selection of cardio machines was lacking.  My ankles aren’t hardy enough for me to handle a treadmill for an extended amount of time, and, surprisingly, they didn’t have any stationary bikes, which was my former cardio machine of choice.  Needless to say, after the initial free trial week, I did not return.

So, here’s the plan starting tomorrow:

  • Eat better: cut out red meats, amp up the veggie intake.  Not much to do with this one, considering I don’t eat necessarily bad as it is.  I’m going to cut portions of all I do eat by at least 1/3.
  • Stretch more: I’ve been slacking lately on my daily yoga and I can feel it.  In order to fix this, the plan is to set ye olde alarm clock at least half an hour earlier so I can get in a good morning yoga routine.
  • Cardio!: I have no clue what to do with this.  I used to go running on the roads around here, but I’ve recently realized just how unsafe that is.  People drive crazy, like whoa, and I’d rather not be run down by some dude not paying attention.  Plus, y’know, it’s hot outside.

That’s really all I have for now.  Baby steps, everything in moderation, etc…  Hopefully this will get me started back on the right track and I can work up to doing more and down to my goal weight.


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