Avocado issues


I’ve gathered from the stats page of my blog that there are a whole half dozen of you who read this, so imagine my surprise when I start getting all sorts of traffic on days I don’t post anything!  Special thanks to Annie for getting my name out there and essentially doubling my meager readership!  Read her stuff (like you aren’t already); she’s a funny gal.

Meanwhile, in the non-blog-pimping news, things on the flabby front are staying pretty much the same.  I’m holding strong on the no coke thing, which as I mentioned previously, is not so hard.  Sleep is still an issue and my weight is at its normal fluctuating plateau.

However, my ex-husband did tell me I “looked hot.”  How on earth do you react to that?  The cause of so many of my self-image issues and he’s giving me compliments.  Let me tell you, if I didn’t already have issues, I’d have some now from that encounter.  Seriously, y’all.  Don’t let your former spouse talk to you about your looks.  It’ll mess with your head something awful.

On the food side of things, I’ve realized I’ve unintentionally been vegetarian lately.  I always feel healthier when I do that, even though it’s probably not since I’m cutting out the majority of my protein intake by not eating any meat.  Vegetables are just so good, though! 

Take for instance today’s über-healthy lunch: swiss cheese and avocado quesadilla (pictured below [or maybe above, this is my first phone picture post and I’m not really sure where wordpress will stick it], please excuse my poor platter choice, I was in a hurry) and a handful of blueberries on the side.  Tasty AND not filled with grease!  I call that a win.

However, I’m still flustered over the thing with the ex.  I can never completely win.


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