Egads and Jubilations!

Get back on the horse, try, try again, practice makes perfect…

Whatever.  I’m going to be completely honest with myself and the handful of you who read this: I am absolutely horrible at keeping up a blog, as evidenced with this very blog you’re reading RIGHT NOW!  However, I am back, after lots of poking and prodding by the internet’s own AAlgar, I have decided to start anew!  Huzzah and hoorah and other jubilations!

The weight-loss thing was originally spurred on by wanting to be in shape for Emerald City Comic-con, and after that, I had my alma mater’s spring homecoming for a goal (granted, I didn’t have great results by the time either of those events rolled around in, respectively March and April).  So now that brings us to my current situation: I’m standing with no end date in sight, stuck at a plateau weight, holding a pair of toning shoes and leaving a job that had me walking miles a day.

The homecoming event had an odd effect on my mind.  I spent a good chunk of the weekend with an old friend who lost about 60 pounds since I had last seen her.  When asked what she did, her response was “I got happy,” which leads me to wonder how much effect mental health has on a person’s weight.  Goodness knows, I’m much happier now than I was eighteen months ago, but if that’s the case, and being deliriously happy can make you drop dozens of pounds, why isn’t that the case with me?  (At this point, I’m pretty much just whining that other people have it easy, and that’s just not fair.)

But, as I do, the sense of competition is the carrot dangling in front of my face, so to speak, and I’m taking the next weight-loss step.  Yes, that’s right, I plan on joining a gym.

Egads, this terrifies me.  Not so much the actual working out itself, I’m perfectly fine with that.  Stick me on a treadmill or a stationary bike and I’m good to go for hours, or as long as my mp3 player holds out.  But the people that will be in the same room with me and able to see me be all gross and sweaty.  That’s what I’m fretting about the most.  I suppose only time will tell how I handle that hurdle.

I plan on starting weigh-ins again soon, so you kind people can badger me about not wasting my money with the gym membership, and AAl, you can keep up the non-writing guilt.  I appreciate it, despite the guff I return.


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